CONGRATULATIONS! Due in large part to the overwhelming support from people like you, House Bill 140 – the proposed tripling of the beer and wine tax – was held in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee by a vote of 13-5. A special “thanks” should be given to the following legislators who voted to oppose this egregious tax hike:

Rep. Gary Collins (Nampa)
Rep. Lenore Barrett (Challis)
Rep. Mike Moyle (Star)
Rep. Dell Raybould (Rexburg)
Rep. Ken Roberts (Donnelly)
Rep. Bob Schaefer (Nampa)
Rep. Jim Clark (Hayden)
Rep. Scott Bedke (Oakley)
Rep. Dick Hartwood (St. Maries)
Rep. Phil Hart (Athol)
Rep. Bill Killen (Boise)
Rep. James Ruchti (Pocatello)
Rep. Grant Burgoyne (Boise)

Though this vote is a strong vote, we are not “out of the woods” yet. So long as the legislature is in session, the potential for new legislation is always real. Please stay tuned to www.donttaxmybeer.com to stay informed.